Friday, June 19, 2009

Getting ready for USCOTS 2009

USCOTS stands for "United States Conference on Teaching Statistics." Candace and I are preparing for our research cluster on the SATS. In our research cluster, there will be a group of around 5-9 people who are interested in studying attitudes toward statistics. USCOTS will be held in Columbus, OH, June 26 - 27. Our cluster group will decide upon one research question which we will work on during the next two years. We are expected to present our findings at the next USCOTS in 2011. Candace and I will also meet with individuals who are interested in the SATS.

Today, I am catching up on e-mails and attempting to summarize The SATS Project work that we've done for the last two years.

Candace and I are creating a database of SATS results from students in various courses from across the nation. However, the database is currently lots of files and are not combined into one file.

We've been allowing any instructor who wants to collect data on their students use our service, but we need to stop and access the types of institution, class size, type of instructors, type of class, etc. We need to determine the type of data that we have to determine what we have that is missing.

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  1. Hey Marjorie. Are you doing your research off campus or are you around HT? Brad