Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Finalizing Things for USCOTS

I am back in Monmouth -- at least for 36 hours. I leave tomorrow (Wednesday) for Columbus, Ohio. Today I need to finalize my poster, print the poster, and print copies of my preceedings' paper that I wrote for the Joint Statistical Meetings last year.

I hope that we can stir up more interets on studying attitudes toward statistics at USCOTS. Instructors come up with these great teaching ideas, but they need to study whether these ideas are working for the students. (1) Are these ideas enriching learning? and (2) What effect do they have on attitudes?

Here is some information about The SATS Project:

Goals of The SATS © Project

To understand:

  • Students’ attitudes toward statistics
  • How these attitudes impact statistical thinking in the classroom and in life
  • What statistics instructors can do to improve students’ attitudes

The SATS© Project

  • Creation of a data warehouse of SATS© Pre- and Post-test data from US post-Secondary Statistics classes.
  • Students’ results are matched with Instructor and Course surveys and students’ actual grades.
  • Instructor and Course Surveys have been created and are an area of current research.
  • Fourth Semester of data collection (w/out funding)
  • So far, 29 instructors, 76 sections from 22 institutions are participating
  • Instructors receive (1) Data file with each students’ raw data (except name), SAC scores (Pre- and Post-), and grade; (2) Supporting Documents

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