Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Columbus, Day 0

Uneventful trip to Columbus. The best kind of trip when one is flying!

USCOTS is held at the Blackwell hotel and Pfahl Conference Center. The Blackwell is one of my favorite hotels. The hotel is associated with the Business Department at OSU, and many of the hotel workers are students. The hotel staff treats you wonderfully.

I had dinner with Candace Schau (my research collaborator) and Patti Collins. Patti teaches at BYU and is the voice of many of the "Stat Tutor" lessons which go with Moore's The Basic Practice of Statistics. Of course, we talked about the SATS, students, teaching, and even a bit about life too.

Candace and I talked about some research that I did concerning the institutions that we have SATS data and their Carnigie classifications.

We have a full day planned before we meet with our cluster group in the early evening.

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