Saturday, July 6, 2013


Greetings.  A lot has been going on since 2010.  At USCOTS 2011, the Attitudes cluster met and presented several posters at the poster session.  I started doing a workshop, Identifying and Addressing Difficult Concepts in the Introductory Statistics Course.  I presented this workshop in Kansas City, KS; Monmouth, IL; Boston, MA; Jacksonville, FL; and San Diego, CA.  I also presented the workshop at USCOTS 2013 as well as a breakout session titled, What? Me Change? -- How to Plan, Implement and Evaluate Changes in Your Courses."

Exciting news to the statistics attitudes research arena is that a special issue of the Statistics Education Research Journal (SERJ) was published in November 2012.  This issue of SERJ was dedicated to attitudes research.  .  I had a paper published titled, Students’ Perceptions of Statistics: An Exploration of Attitudes, Conceptualizations, and Content Knowledge of Statistics .  Here is the link: . 

At the Joint Statistical Meetings 2013, here is the information about the attitudes session:

Current Research on Students' Attitudes Toward Statistics — Topic Contributed Papers
Section on Statistical Education
Organizer(s): Marjorie Bond, Monmouth College
Chair(s): Michael Posner, Villanova University
10:35 AM Psychometric Properties of the Turkish Version of the Survey of Attitudes Toward StatisticsEsma Emmioglu, Simon Fraser University
10:55 AM The Effect of Conceptualization and Content Perception on Affect and Difficulty Subscales of the Survey of Attitudes Toward StatisticsMarjorie Bond, Monmouth College ; Susan Perkins, Northwest Nazarene University ; Caroline Ramirez, University of the Pacific
11:15 AM Examining Introductory Students' Attitudes in a Randomization-Based CurriculumJoshua Beemer, California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo
11:35 AM Comparing Apples with Apples: Assessing Student Attitudes in the Presence of Regression to the MeanAnne Michele Millar, Mount Saint Vincent University ; Bethany White, Western University
11:55 AM Discussant: Candace Schau, CS Consultants, LLC
12:15 PM Floor Discussion
Lastly, we are planning a session for the International Conference on Teaching Statistics (ICOTS) 2014.

Lots of fun and good research going on.